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Mumma, Can You Hear Me?

Mumma, Can You Hear Me? is the warm-hearted autobiography of a Maine woman whose life as a teacher, missionary, and mother, makes for one good story after another. Betty was born into poverty in rural Maine, and spent much of her life in places far removed from luxury--like the years spent in an orphanage while her mother worked diligently to create a home to which Betty and her sisters might return; the series of huts in dirt-path Brazilian villages where she began a family of her own; the RV she called home as she travelled the United States, first to care for an ailing daughter and then to see North America on her own terms.

"…The witch doctor’s chanting and dancing stopped as we came through the door. He stood over to one side with an angry scowl on his red and black painted face. A tiny, filthy form lay motionless on the floor in front of him. The dark and menacing eyes of the witch doctor met with the clear blue eyes of Bob. After a short stare-down, the witch doctor nodded and stepped back. Bob gently picked the child up, washed her face with a damp cloth, and declared that only God had power over death—and that wherever there is life, there is hope" —page 102

At heart, Mumma, Can You Hear Me? is the story of one woman's perseverance through common hardships and entertainingly peculiar challenges and all the rest of the stuff that makes life so interesting. She isn't famous; she isn't a saint; she's just a woman with a particularly apt talent for telling stories that speak to lives beyond her own.

And she delivered babies in the jungle with no formal training. How cool is that?

Genre: Creative Nonfiction - Biography & Autobiography : Personal Memoirs
Pages: 192
Cover Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-9831858-3-3
Publisher: f/64 Publishing
Distributor: Ingram
Publication Date: October 1st, 2012

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